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Elementary Supply List

May 09, 2014

Supply List

Dear Pre K—6 Parents/Guardians:

Sutton Elementary School 2014/2015

The teachers at Sutton Elementary have put together the following list of supplies that will be needed for the new school year. We request that students refrain from bringing excessive amounts of pens, pencils, or erasers that cause distractions in the classroom. It is important that students not bring items that are not on the list that children many times use as toys. Any other items not on this list will be sent home with your child. If there are any items in the list that you are not sure of, have the child check with the teacher at the beginning of school next fall. Please keep the list to use when purchasing school supplies.

Please mark ALL of your child’s items for each classroom.
***Students need to have tennis shoes for P.E. (non-marking tennis shoes) ***

If you have any questions, please give us a call. Sincerely,

Jim Bovee, Elementary Principal

-BEES (Pre-school)-


-2 boxes Kleenex
-3 boxes of 24 crayons
-8 color washable markers
-1 box of colored pencils
-One box of gallon size, snap & seal, baggies -2 packages of 6 glue sticks (12 in all)
-3 dry-erase markers (any color)
-3 pocket folders
-3 large containers antibacterial wipes
-1 beach towel, to use at quiet time
-1 box of sandwich zipper lock baggies
-1 headphones (no earbuds)
-1 box kitchen size trash bags (13 gal)
-2 dozen sharpened pencils

-1 box Kleenex -1 bookbag

Page 1

Supply List

First Grade

-8 color washable thin markers
-15 13-gallon, drawstring garbage bags -1 box quart size baggies
-1 box zipper bags (gallon size)

(Please DO NOT put your child’s name on any of the garbage bags or zipper bags.)

-2 boxes of 8 crayons (Crayola only)
-1 box of 24 crayons (Crayola only)
-8 color washable markers (broadline tip)

-2 dozen pencils
-1 box of colored pencils
-12 pencil top erasers
-One 1 inch or 2 inch binder -2 large boxes Kleenex
-1 pencil box
-1 headphones (No earbuds)

-1 wide-ruled, spiral notebook

- 6 hard glue sticks
-Scissors (student size, blunt tip). -3 folders with pockets -

(pockets across the bottom work best).

-4 black or blue low odor dry erase markers.

-Old washcloth or rag (Mrs. Ramer’s class only)

-3 large containers antibacterial wipes (Mrs. Ramer’s class only)

***Please put child’s name on these supplies!!***

Second Grade

-Six 13-gallon, drawstring, garbage bags -8 Ziploc, quart size baggies
-8 Ziploc, gallon size baggies
-2 boxes Kleenex

(Please DO NOT put your child’s name on any of the above items.) *************************************** -1 small box crayons (no more than 24) -12 #2 pencils (more as needed)

-1 headphones (No earbuds)
-1 wide-ruled, spiral notebook -
(less than 70 pages with child’s name) -3 black or blue, dry-erase markers -

- (more as needed) -Old washcloth or rag -

- to clean marker boards -3 folders with pockets -

- (pockets across bottom work best) ************************************

-1 small box colored pencils -Pencil bag or pencil box -

(no larger than 8x5 size)
-2 large size, pink pencil eraser -1 yellow highlighter

(more as needed)
-1 pack of 3x5 index cards

*(Mr. Friesen’s class only) -2 glue sticks (about 1.7 fl oz)

***Please put child’s name on these supplies!!***

-2 boxes Kleenex
-2 wide-ruled, spiral notebooks
-Pencils (bring as needed)
-Pencil top erasers (bring as needed)
-1 pink eraser
-1 pencil box or bag
-1 box colored pencils
-1 composition 9 3/4 x 7 1/2 wide ruled -1 large glue stick
-1 earbuds

Third Grade

-1 set of 4 dry erase markers -Old washcloth or rag -

- to clean marker boards
-1 packages 3x5 index cards -3 plastic folders with pockets -2 packages loose leaf paper -1 yellow highlighter

-1 box Kleenex


Page 2 Supply List

Fourth Grade

-2 boxes kleenex (more as needed) -#2 pencils with erasers

(bring as needed). -1 eraser

-Zipper bag or box for pencils
-1 protractor
-1 12 inch ruler (inches & centimeters) -1 box colored pencils
-1 large glue stick
-1 highlighter

-2 red ink pens
-4 dry-erase markers—

(more as needed). -Scissors

-Old wash cloth, or rag -
(to erase dry erase markers)

-2 packages loose leaf paper -3 folders (with pockets)
-2 composition notebooks

-1 plastic folder with pockets for Monday folder

-1 earbuds
-1 pkg 3x5 ruled index cards

-1 box Kleenex

***NO TRAPPER KEEPERS PLEASE!!!***Assignment notebooks will be provided.

Fifth Grade

-2 boxes of Kleenex
-1 container antibacterial wipes -2 G flash drive
-Pencil bag or box
-1” binder
-6 #2 pencils, more as needed

No mechanical pencils please -Erasers, more as needed

-3 small or 1 large glue stick -Scissors
-1 box colored pencils
-1 earbuds/headphones

-2 red pens
-2 blue pens
Music -1 box Kleenex

-1 roll of decorative duct tape, any design -2 dry-erase markers—(more as needed) -Old washcloth - (eraser for marker board) -Ziploc bag for old washcloth

-2 packs loose-leaf paper, more as needed -4 folders with pockets

***Assignment notebooks will be provided.***
Trapper Keepers if desired, keeping in mind that super-thick Trapper Keepers may not fit well in student desks. ***Don’t bring large packets of pencils and pens.***

Sixth Grade

-2 boxes Kleenex (more as needed) -3 plastic folder with pockets -Spiral notebooks or Neatbooks
-1 pack of looseleaf notebook paper -Zipper bag for pencils, etc.

-1 colored highlighter
-2 black dry eraser markers -

- (more as needed)
-Old washcloth (for dry erase boards)

-1 quart Ziploc bag for old washcloth - - (math)

-2 small glue sticks (as needed) -Journal notebook
-Trapper Keeper (if desired)
-1 earbuds

-2 red ink pens
-1 package 4x6 index cards -No mechanical pencils please

-#2 pencils as needed -1 black flair
-Colored pencils -Scissors


-Black or blue ink pens

-1 box Kleenex

***ESSENTIAL—1 energetic motivated mind that desires to learn***

Assignment notebooks will be provided. ***Don’t bring large packets of pencils and pens***

Page 3 Supply List


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